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Your One-Stop-Shop for your Pet Wash Needs

Have questions about any of our products? Please call 877-880-6056


Soap Products

Our private label products are made and sold exclusively for Tail Waggin' Products.

Our treatments last longer than our competitors, due to its high concentrate level.

We use only high quality ingredients and all of our products have a consistent fragrance that leaves your pet smelling great!


Treats & Vending

Attract more business to your pet wash with our treats and vending options. 

Pre-packaged dog treats, microfiber towels, newly designed decals and much more!


Marketing Materials

From new banners and promo cards, to lots of displays to spruce up your pet wash!


Check out all of the options we have for Marketing Materials.


Replacement Parts

New strainers, replacement key and tumblers, bill acceptors and all of the brass fittings, just to start.

Can't find what you're looking for? Just give us a call. 


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