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Flea and Tick Treatment: Our treatment kills fleas, ticks and lice. Product restores natural luster after thorough use. MSDS


5 Gallon container of our Flea & Tick Remover Treatment Concentrate. Our private label Flea & Tick Remover Treatment is made and sold exclusively by Tail Waggin' Products. Our treatments last longer than our competitors, due to it's high concentrate level. We use only high quality ingredients, and all of our products have a consistent fragrance that leaves your pet smelling great!


Questions about ordering Soaps and Treatments?

Call us at 877-880-6056.

Soaps are all natural and 100% cruelty free.

All the pet products are hand blended in a sterile environment.

All Blending Ratios start at 20:1 and go up to 100:1 depending on chemical injection system.

Flea & Tick Treatment Concentrate - 5 Gallon

SKU: AP-105-5
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